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    If the other members except you were all girls, who would you want to go out with?

  • Sakurai: There it is, the standard question.
  • Ninomiya: We've answered this around 10 million times now.
  • Matsumoto: Not marriage but going out? (unexpectedly begins to consider this seriously)
  • Ninomiya: Isn't it about time we added this topic to our profiles?
  • Matsumoto: Monday would be with Aiba-kun, I think. We'll watch Arashi no Shukudai-kun together.
  • Aiba: Ohh! There it is!
  • Sakurai: That would definitely be fun.
  • Matsumoto: Tuesday would be fishing with Leader.
  • Ohno: I'll bring you with me~ ♥
  • Matsumoto: Wednesday would be Nino. We'll go drinking together and he can show me magic tricks.
  • Ninomiya: Ahh~ that's good, let's do it.
  • Matsumoto: Then, I'll rest on Thursday.
  • Sakurai: Ah, you're resting? What about me...?
  • Matsumoto: (ignores) I'll watch Himitsu no Arashi-chan by myself, I think.
  • Aiba: Time alone to yourself is important too.
  • Ninomiya: Friday would be appearing on Mste (Music Station) with our new song~
  • Matsumoto: Saturday I'll be going out all night~
  • Sakurai: And then when you wake up the next morning, you'd be with Sakurai~
  • Matsumoto: (ignores) Sunday would be sleeping in and waking up to watch a recording of VS Arashi from the day before. There!
  • Sakurai: Then, Monday would be watching News Zero with Sakurai-kun. There!
  • Aiba: No, Monday would be me again.
  • Sakurai: Then, even once a month or something would be fine, wouldn't someone go out with me too? Like the third Thursday of each month or something.
  •  --- You wouldn't stick to one person?
  • Matsumoto: Nah~ everyone's cool.
  • Everyone: (explodes in laughter)
  • Matsumoto: I can't choose (laugh)
  • Aiba: That's a given.
  • Matsumoto: They're all good guys.
  • Ninomiya: Even if I did a simulation too, everything would be the same right down to the weekdays.
  • Sakurai: Even down to me making an appearance once a month... (tear)
  •  The Television Weekly - 03/14-20/2009 - Arashi WHY!?
  •  DYING. <3

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“You are not designed for everyone to like you.”

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